Pete Bradford and his apprentice Oliver Webb produce gourmet vinegars using only the finest wines available. Barrel aged in local oak & other woods these vinegars showcase a unique style offering tremendous opportunities for Chefs to expand their culinary repetoires and inspired dishes. 

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Purveyors of Fine Vinegars aged in Local  Oak Barrels

  LOCATED AT BLACK PRINCE WINERY in Picton, Prince      Edward County, Ontario

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Cooper Pete Bradford has been making barrels from local and imported woods for over 10 years. A master carpenter by trade Pete trained in Missouri, home of some of the largest oak barrel production facilities in the World.

Black Prince Winery's  extensive wine list offers the largest selection of wine in The County. Winemaker Geoff Webb works with local growers to produce award winning wines vintage after vintage since 2002. 

Taste and you will see why.